Farmers Cheese

Pure, unpasteurised and hand-made: this is farmer’s cheese. More tasty and stronger than factory made cheese, because the enzymes stay active within the cheese. No mass production, but traditional dedication which results in a taste which is widely valued and recognized in the gastronomic world. Available at Gestam in 12 kg wheels and in all ages.


The first ‘self cheeser’ of North Holland: this is Koopman Farmers Cheese. Founded in 1971 and expanded under the inspirational leadership of Sjaak and Lia since 1985. At the moment the farm counts 110 dairy cows. And these cows love being there. They are Lucky enough to spend a lot of time playing outside. As soon as spring arrives they go outside onto the meadow where they enjoy the tasty Westfries meadow. From this high quality grass these happy cows produce extra creamy milk, which is then turned into soft, healthy farmer’s cheese of price winning quality by Sjaak and Lia.